Inaam Baantte Chalo

Inaam Baantte Chalo will soon be aired on Doordarshan Patna. This is a Reality game show.

  • Lighthearted program suitable for all age groups.
  • Common man being the most important part of the show.
  •  Well- experienced anchor, Mr. Navneet Hullad Moradabadi and Richa Soni, hosting the show ensuring the attention and gel-up of the crowd.
  • Element of humor while interacting with people.
  • Real world locations for each episode –malls, markets, colonies, schools, colleges, parks etc.
  • Simple questions in relation to their immediate surroundings. eg: Asking a lady how much cash is currently there in her purse and she has to answer without checking.


Navneet Hullad Moradabadi


Navneet Hullad Moradabadi


Rana Jaiswal


Ajay Arya

Production team

Manoj Bijlwan, Amar Singh


Sandeep Singh


Ashwini Sidwani